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Burger Culture just OK


6920 N. Dale Mabry Hwy Tampa FL


BC has a generous selection of custom burgers and grilled cheese sandwiches. The burgers range from the basic simple Cheese Burger to about 20 designer combinations. They also have other sandwiches that include Cheese Steak and Dogs too.

Our tastes

We ordered 2 sandwiches and made them combos that included a drink, fries and we upgraded to onion rings with one of the meals.

I was surprised when we were told that bacon is a standard ingredient on the Philly which in turn surprised the counter person when I mentioned this. The Philly itself was good but I will be honest Bacon does not make this Sammy better. The rolls were soft like the Amorosa rolls. The Philly was a combination of steak, mushrooms, cheese, onions and bacon pieces. I would definitely eat this one again.

Philly Cheese Steak

Green Chili Burger was the other sandwich and I was a little disappointed. The burger was beautifully assembled and must be very popular as I was told it was the last pepper they had. The sandwich had a little surprise under the burger that does not appear on the menu. It had sliced pickled Jalapeno peppers I like these on some food but in my opinion, it deters from the taste of the poblano pepper. The burger appeared to be cooked correctly to a medium to well-done temperature by color but it seemed a little cold to the touch when I was served my burger. I am very picky about how my burgers feel in my mouth when I eat them and if they are too loose almost like a rare burger I tend too not enjoy them as much. In this case, the burger was a little softer than I expected. For the price of the burger, I was expecting a little more chew typically found when a burger is made from lower-fat cuts of beef.

Green Chili Burger


1 Byte – Low to 5 Bytes – High:

Burger Culture – 3 Bytes

I enjoyed the Food Truck food scene and I think the food was pretty good. I would recommend others to try them. I plan to return but as value goes I felt they were a little expensive although not higher than many restaurants. But it is the value plus some of my disappointments in the food that set my rating.

I hope you enjoyed our review. Please check here for more in the future as I am trying to write more of these its been a while.

A review of Burger Culture from the techies at www.end2endsupport.com.

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