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AOC Warranty Farce

Please republish this on social media sites I want to make sure AOC gets the message.

3-year warranty failure

AOC claims in their ads to have a 3-year warranty. I am not just a customer but I am a reseller/retailer and recently got burned by the “So-called Warranty”. In the basic brochure that came with my monitor bought last year the warranty statement claimed that it was 3 years. I had the monitor in my inventory for about 7 months and finally decided to use it here instead of selling it.  6 months or so after I started to use it I came into a logo of the AOC all out of sync. I sent pictures to AOC and proof of purchase.

AOC responded by saying the monitor was out of warranty. Clearly, it was still within the 3 year period. The customer service representative sent me to a link that was an explanation of the apparently limited warranty. I have the original warranty from my box, and it did not mention anywhere the following information.

3 years for parts and labor 1 year for CRT tube or LCD panel.

The information is part of a general warranty statement on AOC’s site.

As a consumer, I am very upset because having the claim on the box of a 3-year warranty and not respecting it is lame.

AOC 27 inch LCD Monitor
AOC 27 inch LCD Monitor

As the retailer, I now must tell the customer I no longer will be recommending these monitors. Sad, they have a great price point for us to offer. I also must possibly deal with other customers that get screwed by AOC’s false representation of their warranty.

Ironically, they claim to warrant parts for 3 years on a monitor that only has a stand, the frame and plastic buttons, LCD panel, and the power supply. So, what is the warranty good for.

I hope other customers and dealers will repost this message so that AOC understands that they are full of crap and customers should buy other products or at least be more informed about the warranty.

Please republish this on social media sites I want to make sure AOC gets the message.

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