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The New Normal

Do not accept this as normal

Food for thought:

The New Normal do not accept this like Hi How are you? The new normal is an excuse for accepting a bunch of things in the future that is not going to be pleasant. We are learning especially big businesses how to grow and take advantage of the New Normal. In March we began to trust companies like Mc Donald’s Taco Bell, Wendy’s, Burger King, etc. for food. Yes, many larger restraints may have done well because they shifted from large labor-intensive machines to less labor delivery and counter service businesses. We shut down small retailers in the name of non-essential goods, but let the large retailers still deliver these goods anyway. Amazon, Walmart, Target, and others were allowed to stay open because they supply essential goods, and while you are here get the non-essential stuff too. I am one who took advantage of that personally.   So, what is my thought well it is unemployment? What I was trying to paint is the picture that companies are learning to run with leaner staff, no customers in the brick and mortar. A restaurant today could open with no sit-down area, and yes I know that they existed before Covid-19, Delis would be an example. But the key to all of this is labor reduction and no reason form many companies to ramp back up. We are already seeing the signs companies in the airline industry received a bailout to help them survive but as soon as the required waiting period they are getting ready to furlough, layoff, retire, fire large members of the staff in the name of cost reduction until travel get back to normal. This is not a surprise except we just dumped huge US tax dollars to protect the workers that are going to be let go.  With companies adjusting to work at home or staff reduction and finding out they are still making a profit they will more than likely adjust to the new normal work model. Apple announced that staffing at the corporate and retail office will not return to normal until well into next year. So what is the take away I believe the New Normal is going to be a code work for higher unemployment? Initially, this will not look like the case as some workers begin to go back to work the numbers of re-employment will look normal but at some point, this number will begin to decrease meaning that many workers will not go back to work.  It is time that we stop accepting the works the New Normal and start looking at New Job Creation outside of the service industry. We need to find new manufacturing opportunities and realize that even new growth in technology does not completely answer the employment issue. Yes, retrain workers, teach STEM we all have heard it. But one reality that technology does is it continues to reduce the workload of Humans in the end. Let me see if I can assign a better word to the reduction of workload for Humans = Unemployment. By the way, if the math is not working this is great for the largest of companies like the ones that have huge warehouses and are converting from human employees to robotic employees. Government programs have got to switch focus to helping startup non=tech companies and small businesses that rely on workers. Stop bailing out some of the companies that need to take care of themselves and go after companies that have abused bailout programs. Increasing taxes will only chase more companies back out of the US as it has in the past. Just ask Apple IBM and many other companies why much of their manufacturing is done outside of the US. Labor costs, industry regulation, and tax liabilities should be at the top of their arguments. Why is it that most of our manufacturing is done outside of the US? Humans are also going to have to change we need to adjust what salaries should be, where we may have gone to fast in regulations etc. There is no answer in this thought it is just my personal take on where we live in the now. It is time for the parties to work together and decide how to maintain the US we believe we like or admit that we may be an experiment failing and some form of Socialism may become our next alternative. This is not communism this is a greater dependency on the government than self-reliance. It is our choice in the future. People carrying about each other and not expecting a government to control all our needs is the future and the main foundation in the US I know and hope to continue to live in in the future.

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