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Recently Outlook issues displaying email content

On 5/12/2021 mid morning I started having issues reading mail. I had not done any updates so I was not sure how this started. I am not using Exchange or Office 365 mail for most of my mail but yet I was having this issue. I got a call later in the day from another company and they were having the same issue. They were told to open their email in safe mode. This did not seem to work for me. I did find a fix that seems to be working so I wanted to pass this on to others to try. One other issue I noticed that my windows searches were screwed up again also. This problem 1st happened when Microsoft made some change in their infrastructure on the backside and magically fixed itself after many people were vocal over the issue.

To fix the viewing issue I modified my TrustCenter settings and then restored them to my original settings. My friend did the same and it seemed to work for him too.

Step 1 Open the options setting in outlook.

Step 2 Select the TrustCenter and from that screen click on the Trust Center Settings Button

Step 3 click on the automatic download tab and change the settings from what ever they are currently set. If you have the 1st box checked uncheck it / if it is not checked check it. Press the OK button and close Outlook. (see picture below)

Step 4 reopen outlook and return to the Automatic download settings in the Trust Center settings and set them back to the original settings close outlook again.

Step 5 reopen your outlook and check to see if the preview is working again.

I hope this is helps.

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