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BK Whopper melts?

Basic Whopper Melt w King Sause, Grilled Onions, Cheese

Normally I do not like to eat at Burger King I am not fond of the flame-broiled (burnt flavor). But every now and then I run out of ideas for lunch. The second reason I do not usually eat at BK is the one in Tarpon Springs, near my office, which has treated me poorly as a customer, classic cold food, partially cooked fries, and all the other ills of most drive-throughs. Today I actually got a pleasant surprise it began at the window employee with an actual sense of humor.

The new Melts were my target to try I have been seeing ads for them and I love patty melts. So I ordered the basic one. the only downside is that they ended up with bacon on it. Now, what was good about this sadwhich? Just about everything you could ask for in a good melt. Lots of melted cheese a sill sloppy amount of grilled onions that were caramelized and two thick pieces of toasted (toast). For some the bacon bonus was a bonus) I usually do not put bacon on my burgers.

The best thing about the whole order it was hot, which seems to be a rare thing these days. I forgot but it also had their stacker sauce (the other guys’ special sauce knock-off). I was very pleased and found the sandwich a very pleasant item. I will have to try the Angry version which adds the Jalapeno pepper to the mix. I do recommend that if you like a melt give them a try. The main downside is that BK as many other QSR pricing is creeping up sharply. So when it comes to dollar value I would rather spend a few bucks more and head to Red Robin or Applebees etc.

Ratings: 1 Byte – Low to 5 Bytes – High:
Burger King “Whopper Melt” gets 4.0 Bytes

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