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The right to privacy!

Do we have the right to privacy anymore? Data breaches all over the place How violated one must be before legislation will look to reversing some of the information acts as well as looking at locking down other avenues of information breaches.  Security of data today is supposedly better than it has ever been but […]

Halloween 2022 Specials at EASEUS

Store-wide sale Poke a Halloween pumpkin to enjoy up to 60% off deals ranging from hot products, and top picks, to new arrivals collections.Deals are valid till November 1st, 2022 Deals include 50% off Hot Products 60% off Top Picks utilities 30% Storewide coupon too. Enter the game. Please continue to support my efforts by […]

Robo Dialers no end in site.

Congress enacted a law known as STIR/SHAKEN that explains how phone numbers have to be formed and transmitted to be correctly identified as real callers.

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