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Robo Dialers no end in site.

Just thought I would rant about the topic. And. yes, people have told me just turn the Prevent Robo Caller features on for my VoIP and Cell Phones. However, you may not be aware of how poorly these programs can be. They can block real calls from getting to a business, and Dialers like schools, and government agencies from contacting you or your business.

For many, this may not be an issue, or worse it could be but you are not aware because you are not getting the calls. My worse scenario is when I get a call at the office from a company that uses VoIP and I am not at my desk phone or on-screen dialer. The call gets transferred to my cell phone and then sent to Robo jail and never heard from again. This does not happen with every call which makes it worse so there is no pattern to tell when it happens. I know it was happening cause I could see my incoming calls logged but never transferred to an extension.

As I said this may not be a bad thing but just something everyone should know about Anti-Robo software. This is an actual explanation from one of the VoIP carriers I resell.

When enabled, incoming auto-dialed (also known as “robocall”) calls to any toll-free numbers in your system will be blocked automatically. Note: (a) Robocall classification is not always accurate. After enabling this feature, you may continue to receive some robocalls on toll-free numbers while some legitimate calls may be inadvertently blocked, and (b) there will be no record of blocked calls.

Congress enacted a law known as STIR/SHAKEN that explains how phone numbers have to be formed and transmitted to be correctly identified as real callers. It seems since this has gone into effect the Robo Dialers have gotten smarter mimicking home, cell phones, and even the number they are actually calling to get around this. I do not have a solution just a small bit of education to share.

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