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Dropbox users hacked and now may get phishing emails.

Dropbox is urging their users to change their passwords immediately

Apple quashes 3 zero-days with emergency Mac update

Apple yesterday issued an emergency security update for the Mac, patching the same trio of vulnerabilities the company fixed last week on the iPhone. According to one of the groups that first revealed the flaws, the vulnerabilities could have been “weaponized” for use against OS X, the Mac’s operating system. The out-of-band update was aimed […]

Urgent Call to Action: Uninstall QuickTime for Windows Today

Remove Quick Time…..

Massive Volume of Ransomware Downloaders being Spammed

We are currently seeing extraordinarily huge volumes of JavaScript attachments …

Do you really need an app for that? Especially on the Apple Watch.

I was reading an article from TechCrunch that questions what apps are appropriate for the Apple Watch. I think it brings to light some great ideas as to what is appropriate and what does not make sense. While it seems like the world want s everything on every platform it just does not make sense. […]

New Forums page for support questions.

New Forum pages for E2 computers…

Stuffit 16 Deluxe available now for the Mac.

Stuffit 16 available though E2 Computers.

Wish your Mac could switch back and forth between Mac Programs, and Windows Programs?

Parallels makes your Mac do windows almost better than windows….

Botnet to POS data loss how?

…Brute force bot net discovering passwords for POS systems…

Apple announces Yosemite the latest OS at the developers conference. 06/02/2014

Apple announces release of Yosemite….