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Amazon is price guarantying on XBOX One. 07/20/2013

Now is the time to pre-order the Xbox One.  Amazon will guarantee that if the price is lower by the end of the release day you will pay the lower price (see guarantee price details).  The Xbox will have a standard edition release and a “Day One” release. Below are links to pre-order these units. […]

Xbox One – Pre-order has begun! 06142013

Want to get your hands on the new Xbox One as early as possible? Here is your opportunity. Update included in this listing are the links for the PS4 release also! More updates too come on delivery dates and other accessories but click on the link below and guarantee your self a spot.           Standard Edition            Special […]

Are WOW players old lonely men? 05052013

Old blog at NakedSecurity entitled “Spammer believes WOW Users are sad lonely men“, could this be true?  This blog dates back to November 27, 2009 and it was intended to make people aware of spam targeting WOW users. The spam carried a trojan to steal password for WOW and then allow the accounts to be […]

April Video Game Pre-Orders: Infinity, Assasains Creed, Battlefield! 04192013

Get your game on and order it before it is out. The following links are to hot soon to be released video games for the summer.  Games include Disney’s Infinity, Assassins Creed Black Flag, Battlefield 4 and the list goes on.April Video Game Pre-Orders Late April: Already released in early April: Early May: E2 Computers […]

Spring Video Game Preorders! 03262012

E2 computers would like to present some of the spring video game releases. These pre-order links are via an affiliate relationship with Amazon.  Please order here and let your friends know about our links. Games listed may include most gaming consoles including PS/3, Xbox, Wii and others. Amazon offers a price guarantee and on some of […]

Kodu: Game design becomes child’s play… 03252013

Microsoft has released a new software called Kodu. It may turn game design into child’s play, and this is a good thing.  It is an educational tool to teach basic programming skills and game development. In our first glance it appears to be a great educational tool. They have taken some of the basics of […]

Skype social media attack of the week. 10132012

It appears that the malware world turned its sights on the Skype users this week.  Apparently they are falling victim to a eMail attack trying using the false pretenses of a Password Change.   The payload to this is not a simple it appears to be a worm spreading across the system.  eMails informing your password has been […]

It appears it’s Battlenet users under attack this week. 10032012

Having a WOW player an increase in warning emails have been coming in regrards illegal use of the account. The email explains that an attempt to sell the account which is against Blizzard Entertainments policy has occurred.  The email provides links to sign in to” and change your password.  However if you roll over […]

Subscribe to our newsletters, and specials. 09302012

October is just around the corner, and so is our 9th year anniversary in January (8th as part of Simply Reliable Solutions, llc.). we will be offering specials and you won’t want to miss them. To get some of these deals and if we get enough new subscribers maybe even giveaways you must Opt In! […]

Our advertising on E2 Computers web and blog sites. 08032012

Required for us to post on our sites that we are actively advertising for the purpose of generating revenue from affiliate relationships with several vendors. Amazon: “E2 Computers is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising […]