FB hacked again

533 Million Users It appears that FB was hacked and users phone data has been released. This data includes Phone Numbers, Facebook IDs, Full Names, Locations, Birthdates, Bios and possible eMail Addresses. This is according to an article in MarketWatch https://www.marketwatch.com/story/533-million-facebook-users-phone-numbers-and-personal-data-reported-leaked-online-11617475820?mod=mw_more_headlines. They also breakdown the exposure of 533 Million: 32 million US 11 million UK […]

Facebook lack of privacy

What do you think? Is the government, county records, loan companies etc just as guilty of panhandling our personal information?

Mark Zuckerberg Twitter account get hacked, password was ‘dadada’

…password was ‘dadada’…

Online Resources for Social Media Marketing

3 Best Online Resources for Social Media Marketing Ways to improve managing social media Managing Social Media can be a time consuming and at times difficult task. Making use of online resources that are available to you can relieve the stresses of curating your Social Media profiles. Below are three free online resources that can […]