Fall Special from MicroSoft on Surface Pro

..150.00 off on an i5 Surface Pro includes a signature cover…

Microsoft One Day sale ahead of Amazon Prime Day

Microsoft one day sale just ahead of Prime Day….

Labor Day Sale

Labor Day Sale

Microsoft limited edition mouse for sale.

Grad and Dad Gift idea.

Microsoft downgrades free OneDrive storage to 5GB, ends unlimited storage for Office 365 customers

We’re no longer planning to offer unlimited storage …

Windows Update Facing Issues

Windows Update not working correctly …

Google and many other providers supply ways for bad stuff to get on your computer. Don’t be fooled.

Bad ads on Google, Youtube, and other reputable sites….

Is Lenovo a victim too. They may not be the only one to install superfish on PCs.

Homeland security recently issued a warning for customers of Lenovo system to remove the “Superfish bug”…

H#ll must be frozen, Microsoft is giving something away for free!

Hell must be frozen, Microsoft is giving windows 10 away for free*,,,

Yes E2 is a Microsoft Cloud Partner. 06/05/2014

Free Office 365 trial for Small Business…