Email scam targeting AOL users March 2017

AOL Scam Email indicating failed service charges Not a new scam but we wanted to put it up and remind people that  scams like these exist. If you get an email that looks like these you most likely wan to delete them. One thing you can do is check out the link in most emails by […]

Sample of support scam call from Windows Company 1-240-389-8094(Maryland).

Support scam from (204)389-8094…Windows Corporation identified by the caller Maxwell.

Looking for a lawyer who wants to go after telemarketing scammers.

…stop marketing scams like iSecure scam…

Technincal Department email ….scam “You have 492 critical errors…”

….scam “You have 492 critical errors…

I can never post too many scam alerts. Call telling you your computer is haveing network issues? Telemareting (212)235-7318.

Well I was the recipient over the weekend of one of these calls and just to make it completely public  this is was the number that called me 212-235-7318. Well this is the upshot of the type of call they made. Hi… My name is John and I am a Microsoft Network Engineer.  I noticed […]