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WanaCry and Microsoft EOL what versions are affected?

WanaCryptor Virus WanaCry appeared this past weekend 5/12/2017. In early news reports Microsoft reports that the virus used an exploit found in XP. They even put out a message shaming companies for using old versions of the software.  Yet If you look on Microsoft’s website for End Of Life you will see that extended life […]

Font Wasn’t Found Google Chrome Malware Scam

It’s a Trap! Scammers and hackers are targeting Google Chrome users …

Create task from email in Office 2013 tip.

Create an appointment from an email in Office 365…

Is Lenovo a victim too. They may not be the only one to install superfish on PCs.

Homeland security recently issued a warning for customers of Lenovo system to remove the “Superfish bug”…

H#ll must be frozen, Microsoft is giving something away for free!

Hell must be frozen, Microsoft is giving windows 10 away for free*,,,

New Forums page for support questions.

New Forum pages for E2 computers…

Wish your Mac could switch back and forth between Mac Programs, and Windows Programs?

Parallels makes your Mac do windows almost better than windows….

Apple announces Yosemite the latest OS at the developers conference. 06/02/2014

Apple announces release of Yosemite….

The day XP died and other news. 04/12/2014

… XP Apocalypse …

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