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What does Ronald Regan have to do with security breaches?

Phishing attacks on Gmail sending users to a Ronald Regan website….

IOT secure or not? I think not

Imagine that your refrigerator and its companions can work against you in coordinated effort. Great now that I got your attention I want to reiterate an ongoing theme device on the internet pose a security threat. At this time I believe now and forever or at least a really long time.  Over and over again […]

Burger King ad too connected

Overly Connected Are we just too connected these days? This is a question that needs to be really thought about. In the past I have suggested we are just becoming to unaware of our connections.  While many will say I am a techno phoebe or I have issues with change or maybe I am just […]

Echo/Alexa goes on buying spree

…Viewers say a presenter’s comments about an erroneous purchase were picked up by their gadgets…

More Than 1 Million Google Accounts Breached by Gooligan

Googligan a virus affecting many versions of android phones. The linked article explains in detail the effects of this virus and a site you can check to see if you have already been affected by the virus. How do you know if your Google account is breached? You can check if your account is compromised […]

Seegrid’s Ed Henry Named CFO of the Year

Why did I post about Seegrid? While it was not just because their CFO was name CFO of the Year. It was really because of a cool video showing off their control technology. They have a very different approach to autonomous driving systems than most companies like Tesla, Google etc. Below a brief intro to […]

Should all websites have to be HTTPS?

Google Chrome Will Soon Call out Websites Lacking HTTPS…

Yelp reviews may be unfairly biased!

Yelp review filtering is it biased…

Ratings, reviews and such E2 Computers needs your Yelp reviews.

Yelp reviews needed….

I can never post too many scam alerts. Call telling you your computer is haveing network issues? Telemareting (212)235-7318.

Well I was the recipient over the weekend of one of these calls and just to make it completely public  this is was the number that called me 212-235-7318. Well this is the upshot of the type of call they made. Hi… My name is John and I am a Microsoft Network Engineer.  I noticed […]

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