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WanaCry and Microsoft EOL what versions are affected?

WanaCryptor Virus WanaCry appeared this past weekend 5/12/2017. In early news reports Microsoft reports that the virus used an exploit found in XP. They even put out a message shaming companies for using old versions of the software.  Yet If you look on Microsoft’s website for End Of Life you will see that extended life […]

Create task from email in Office 2013 tip.

Create an appointment from an email in Office 365…

Is Lenovo a victim too. They may not be the only one to install superfish on PCs.

Homeland security recently issued a warning for customers of Lenovo system to remove the “Superfish bug”…

H#ll must be frozen, Microsoft is giving something away for free!

Hell must be frozen, Microsoft is giving windows 10 away for free*,,,

New Forums page for support questions.

New Forum pages for E2 computers…

The day XP died and other news. 04/12/2014

… XP Apocalypse …

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