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What browsers are hackable? – Pwn2Own competition

Pwn2Own was a hacking competition

Teams were attempting to hack through Virtual Machines to get to the Host Operating systems. Extremely technical in nature but to put it simple open a challenge with a bounty and have a bunch of coding types compete to break stuff.

Are Browsers Hackable

One of the results of the hack competition also identified issues in common programs like browsers and adobe reader. So the main takeaway for the laymen is no code seem to be unbreakable although in this round Google Chrome was unscathed. The second is you need to protect yourself by backing up your data on a regular and incremental basis and if you are unsure what this means contact us and we will assist you.

Review the Pwn2Own article

Please take time to review the article  linked below to learn more about what the teams discovered.

Apple’s Safari fell four times, Mozilla Firefox once, but Google Chrome remained unscathed. Researchers also demonstrated two exploits for Adobe Reader and two for Flash Player, both with sandbox escapes. The contest also included many privilege escalation exploits on Windows and MacOS.

Source: Pwn2Own ends with two virtual machine escapes | Computerworld


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