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GK – Anclote Insurance  06/28/2017

E2 Computers once again remotely fixed my computer. I am not a fan of “prepaid service contracts”…this one is well worth it. I had an issue with my computer that showed up in E2 Computers‘s report…and viola it was fixed the next day. . Thanks E2 for another great job for me. Now if I can get you to work on my car with the same great results…you will have a fan for life!!!

JS – 06/08/2017

Steve–thank you again for doing a great job with my computer. We went out last night so I didn’t have time to download everything, but I did get my Epson printer drivers downloaded, also Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Word and Excel from my Office 2000 disk. Everything seems to be working well. I’ll call you if I have any problems and I’ve recommended you to our neighbors.

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