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Drive Saver Reseller

E2 Computers has added Drive Savers as one of our partner companies for Data Recovery

How to protect your computer during a Hurricane.

Hurricane Irma
Please note in the case of a storm like Irma 2017  backing up your data to remote locations…

What is enhanced data privacy, and does it matter to me?

Privacy, Security and the definition of what is sensitive. Below is a key passage in debate as to what should or is considered sensitive information. This is part of an ongoing issue between ISP, Telco and Cable providers.  It helps classify what data can be used for opt-in or opt-out usage.  To see more details […]

Lockheed Martin Files Patent for Diamond-Printing 3D Printer

…a diamond-forming pre-ceramic polymer could be used to create 3D printed diamond objects…

Threat Map

Virus & Malware Threat Map  

Nasty Ransomware Spreads Like A Worm zCryptor.

Microsoft wrote that this strain use fake installers, usually for Adobe Flash, along with macro-based booby-trapped Office files to distribute the Zcryptor ransomware…

5 Reasons Why You Need a Unified Communications Solution For Your Business | RingCentral Blog

To make things simpler in the digital age, unified communication (UC) solutions have begun to rise…

Illinois Athletics – Illini Swimmer Charli Wike Performs Life-Saving CPR

U of I student saves an alum’s life at KAM’s.

Unsolved sleep & hibernate issue in Windows 8/8.1 issue – 03/11/2014

I have two systems that I built both based on AMD CPU ASUS M5A97 Motherboards and ATI HD7870 video cards. The problem:    When the system is completely built and service packed with all the current updates in 8.1 it has issues coming out of sleep mode.  The usual situation is that the user wakes the screen […]

Is Windows Defender enough? 02/11/2014

Microsoft claims that Defender with Windows 8 is all you need. Check this article out. In the article they say that Defender will protect you from Virus, Malware and Spyware.  It is true the software is a all in one like most AV software.  However, one of the issues I currently am having is that […]