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How to protect your computer during a Hurricane.

Protecting your computer and data during a weather event.

Hurricane Irma

Please note in the case of a storm like Irma 2017  backing up your data to remote locations and having remote locations in areas outside the same disaster area may be the only true protection.

Steps to protect against most normal weather events and just good practices.

  1. Back up your data and keep the copy in a safe place.
  2. Shut down your computer and turn off your monitor. You should also turn off any peripherals, such as printers and external drives.
  3. Unplug the power cords from all devices. Power loss may happen during a storm. Surges can happen when power is restored. Unplugging from the wall will help ensure the devices will be protected.
  4. Unplug the network cable going to your computer, as well as your printer (networked printers only). Lightning can send voltage through these lines, possibly damaging your network cards. Although devices have grounded the surge caused by lightning through network equipment can cause extensive damage to your computer and other cable devices.
  5. If located near a window, you may want to cover your computer with a garbage bag in case water comes in. (NOTE: Be sure to unplug the power from the devices before doing so. This will ensure that the computer does not over heat when power is restored.)
  6. What to do when you return
  7. Remove any covering you placed over your computer.
  8. Plug in the power cords to all devices.
  9. Turn on the equipment starting with the peripheral devices first.
  10. Turn on your computer and monitor.

Common sense or maybe you never even thought about this. Suggestions for handling the bad weather from you techies at E2 Computers on the web at www.end2endsupport.com and in Tarpon Springs Florida.

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